Posts, Poles, Rails, Fencing

Fence posts and poles including dowell fencingWood Utility Poles, Conservation

PRATT Logging is a family-owned business with well over 60 years of experience in lumber. Our pledge to you is that we will manufacture and sell the most durable lumber and lumber products for your needs. From wood utility poles to timber piles to craft wood and right on down to every wood fence post, our products represent our commitment to you. Some of these products made of excellent wood include:
  • wood utility poles manufactured to latest ANSI and treated to AWPA standards
  • treated lumber and timbers for pole barns, home construction, etc.
  • wooden fencing, including corral boards
  • craft wood for fine furniture, crafts and hobbies

Conservation and PRATT Logging

If you’re concerned about conservation (Going Green) when it comes to sourcing your building materials, please keep this in mind – lumber, timber, poles and pilings are manufactured from a crop, a renewable resource, and one that takes much less energy to produce than any of its competition.
A typical pine tree is cut down at 40 years of age for use as a construction item. A properly designed and built structure using wood will last well over 50 years and, if maintained, indefinitely!!

Wood Fence Post and Rail

Have your cows been out lately? All the elements needed to keep things in or keep them out are here at PRATT. We do custom fencing and can repeat the traditional post and rail into a full length fence. Each wood fence post manufactured at PRATT is made with first rate material and conforms to AWPA standards for preservation. Applications of our wooden fencing include picket fences for neighborhood homes and wood fencing for large ranches.
Other barrier items include safety fencing, wire fencing products, and highway guard rail posts. Contact us today to see how we can help you fix or build the fence or corral you need.

Pratt Logging provides utility poles, posts, jack or buck fence, fence rails, dowel fencing, solid wood beams, and rough lumber for Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, South-East Idaho, Wapello, Firth, Aberdeen, American Falls, Rockford, Pingree. We also serve Souteast Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah and other locations.